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survivalist community


New here Nov. 6th, 2008 @ 02:05 pm
My husband and I were watching History Channel and discussing different "primitive skills" we've each picked up over the years. This led to the inevitable discussion of survivalism, and brought to light the fact it's something we have in common. We're actually planning our Bugout Bags right now, even.

I'm just amused that, at present, that he's the only person never to have thought my general paranoia to be completely absurd. Not only that, but he's actually with me on the idea of always being prepared. Woohoo, I have a winner! And someone who, if the metaphorical poo hit the fan, I wouldn't have to either coddle or play the Tough Love bit with.

Oct. 12th, 2008 @ 10:00 pm
I was wondering if I could use this solar oven to make these recipes? Or would the oven heat too much or too fast to be able to slow cook anything?
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Hey, folks Oct. 10th, 2008 @ 12:20 pm
I'm new, as you might have guessed.  I was posting on my LJ today and I thought, "Hey!  I bet there are some other people with similar ideas out there, that being the point of this site and all.  There is?  Awesome!"

So, I'm not an expert on history or political science, but I do know that all good things come to an end, including cultures and empires, and as a biologist I'm fairly certain that the human race is opening itself up to a number of potential extinction events.  With all the stuff happening in the world right now, I think it's possible that there might be some kind of wide scale catastrophe within my lifetime that mainstream infrastructure will be totally unable to cope with, so I've been spending the last couple of years, along with some friends of mine, trying to come up with some all-purpose strategies for both short term or long term survival situations.  So far, we've been concentrating on learning basic survival skills and things that could help us set up self-sustaining living arrangements either temporarily or indefinately. 

I'd be interesting in hearing about what you guys are up to and maybe running a few ideas past you in the future.  :-)

Survival Groups? Sep. 26th, 2008 @ 04:15 pm
Hello All,
I'm new to survivalism. I was wondering how one would find local (athens, ga) survival groups online? (I'm assuming they exist). Thanks.

A couple of questions Sep. 23rd, 2008 @ 02:57 pm
Howdy folks. Have a few questions for the group, hopefully someone is able to lend some advice.

We've been cleaning house lately, in perparation for a new housemate. In the course of the cleaning, I re-located my old surplus army duffle bag. I've been meaning to finally get off my ass and put together a BOB, but part of why I haven't already is the lack of a proper backpack or otherwise suitable bag to use. We have three (soon to be four) people in the house, and it seems to me that using the duffle bag would be pretty ideal for the amount of supplies four people would need to surive for the standard three days or so. While it would be quite a bit heavier than three of four kits packed into individual backpack-type bags, it would be easy enough to drag if necessary.

Anyway - my question is, has anyone ever figured out a good way to pack such a bag, so that all the various pieces of one's kit is in easy reach? I'd like to figure out a system of packing so that we won't have to dig through or dump out the entire contents of the bag to reach appropriate items. For instance, if we're forced to evacuate and seek cover/shelter, I'd like to be able to reach sheltering supplies (tarp, rope, etc) without having to dig past my food supplies, luxury items (playing cards, etc) and everything else. I've started thinking about which order would make the most sense as far as packing, but I'd love to hear other opinions.

Second question - part of the house cleaning as been in the kitchen. You would not believe all the extra fooodstuffs we have that we're not able to use right now. I have a huge ziplock bag full of various flavors of tea bags that are going to go into my BOB supply. I also found three unopened boxes of Fiber One Oat & Chocolate bars hiding way back in a cupboard. They're not expired, and even if they were, there's not really much to them that can go bad - oats, crisped rice, chocolate, etc. Would it be worth it to re-package a box or so worth of them to add to my emergency food supplies?

Also, we have about a pound of plain, dehydrated TVP. I was also going to re-package this and add it to the emergency food supplies - any reason not to? I can't imagine it could ever go bad, so long as it's kept from getting wet, of course.

and that's about it! Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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» hi i'm new!
i have had an interest in survivalism ever since i first saw Survivor man. i am interested in survivalism  because i want to be ready if things go bad or i get lost while doing out door activities or traveling, also, i just love trying to live off the wilderness. 
» please respond
Question: if you were aware that the usa was responsible for a holocaust within itself from corruption and crime, which news papers would you go to with the story?

or what would you do?

(other then go back to the corrupt government
which is activily trying to murder you
for what you know and have witnessed?)
» (No Subject)
Hi guys, new here, not to the concept of living off the land, survivalism, etc etc..

However, I live around a bunch of people who, when I tell them I want to do MORE living off the land, look at me like I have three heads. So. I come to you wonderful people in hopes that maybe someone in the central VA area knows of people that are currently leaning on a more survivalist lifestyle and are willing to share. I desperately want to take classes, but my budget is currently in the red right now and it's not an option.

I am in Mineral, VA, right in the middle of the Charlottesville - Richmond - Fredericksburg triangle. I'll drive to meet someone, however I live on a farm with about 300 ac of woods and would be more than happy to have someone come out and scour the woods with me, or if someone has a horse do the trail ride thing and use the horses to carry more stuff back should we be so lucky.

Thoughts, opinions, suggestions, all welcome. Thanks!!!!!!!

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» newbe question

My husband and I love to go shooting but we haven't had a chance to since we found out I was pregnant.

I am now 8 months along and we now have time to practice but I am concerned for the safety to my child.
I'm not worried about the recoil it is the shock wave that the high powered rounds will produce that concerns me.

When I need to protect my hearing will the baby be harmed? Or is there enough cushion in there to protect it.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

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