bailout/bug out packs

so, the pack is a pretty important part of the kit right?
I work at an outdoor outfitter and was poking around various dealers sites and found some cool new products!
Kelty has started making military and camouflage packs.
I'm not super impressed with the military packs, but the camo ones would probably make the perfect bug out pack. They come in several volumes depending on how much you want to carry and how prepared you want to be. Several of them have integrated gun/bow holders.
Here's a link to the camo:
and here's a link to the military packs:

Here's my pick:

The Varanger can carry heavier loads and is top loading making it easier to cram more in there and there's no zipper to break after prolonged use. This pack has the ability to carry a gun or bow and has lots of pockets. I love having pockets because its so much easier to make sure you can get to the things you need quickly.

And, I guess the camouflage would be a benefit in a less than ideal bail out scenario.

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Are you the ultimate survivalist?! Want to prove it on TV?

 Original Media (www.originalmedia.com) is casting a TV show with the Discovery Channel in the survival genre. 

The show is called DUAL SURVIVAL and it takes two Bear Grylls or Les Stroud types and puts them together in a survival atmosphere.

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We are looking for candidates who have the skills and charisma to be on this show.

We are asking candidates to put themselves on tape as part of the casting process.

Please let me know if you are interested in participating or if you know anyone who might fit the bill.


Adam Neuhaus

Vintage Survivalist Text For Sale

Hi, all. I wanted to see if anyone is interested in this weird book I have. It's called "How to Go Live in the Woods For $10 a Week" by Bradford Angier. It was written in 1959 about survivalism in the woods of Alaska, and although the prices have inflated & the setting is unique, the advice in the book is startlingly useful & relevant. It's listed on Ebay if you're interested, Item number: 280316977075.

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Personal First Aid Kits

Now that the holidays are over, I can get back to planning kits...

The first aid kit plan we have involves each person carrying a modified IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit), based on the USMC kit. Supplies (not including pouch) should be under $30 if you dig around for best prices. Plus, you'd get better prices if you build several at once and get get bulk pricing on some of the supplies.

    Personal IFAK
      Trauma Pack -- In a zip-lock bag
    • (1) TK4 Tourniquet -- This is a tourniquet that can be self applied.
    • (2) 4"x6" Compression bandage with tails
    • (2) 4.5"x4yd Kerlix Compressed Gauze
    • (1) 2"x5yd vet wrap -- Many uses, such as holding a gauze pad in place, or an improvised splint.

      Minor Kit -- In a second zip-lock bag
    • (20) 3/4"x3" Adhesive bandages
    • (10) 2"x4 1/2" Adhesive bandages
    • (2) Triangular bandage/sling 40"x40"x56"
    • (1) 2"x100" Adhesive tape roll
    • (16) Triple Antibiotic Oinment, Individual packets
    • (1) 2oz Povidone Iodine in a pump spray bottle

      Separate from bags
    • (2) 30 minute high intensity white Chemlights
    • (1) EMT shears

The only thing that would be difficult to source would be the Iodine in small bottles. I plan on getting pump spray bottles and 16oz or 32oz of Povidone Iodine and making my own bottles. The white chemlights, are for an emergency situation where you need light to patch yourself up. Batteries seem to die just before you really need them, so I plan on putting two chemlights in the IFAK's.
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Since the wife joined, I figure I should also. wolfmare is my other half, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that she didn't think *I* was paranoid and such. Former Marine, 1991 to 1995, did electronics repair in there, handy with a sewing machine, trained as a computer admin and mechanic, and not afraid to get my hands dirty.

Late last week, the first part of our bug-out kit arrived, two sets of MOLLE gear. As it's not the most intuitive stuff to put together, I created a pictorial detailing how it all goes together. I plan on detailing what is going into various parts of our kit as we assemble it. Current plan is for several levels of bug-out kit, all of which can interlock and be used together. I've also found a supplier of the material used for mil-spec packs, and have plans to make at least part of our kit myself. If anyone is interested, I can detail plans and information for that also.

If anything I detail is already covered in another post, I'd be happy to remove to link to the other post(s). If anyone would be interested in more details, I'd be happy to post for the community.
Currently, on the list of Things To Do are:
    A Get Home Bag
    • Simple bag, containing what I would need to get home from work. Basically, would contain a small first aid kit, map of the area, compass, an MRE or two, and various other items.

    Personal Bug-Out Kit
    • More involved bag, containing enough supplies to last for 3 days if I was dropped in the middle of nowhere. Each of us would have one of these kits.

    Canine Bug-Out Kit
    • Yes, the dog would be coming with us. Since he's actually a working breed (Rottweiller) and not a yap-dog, he can carry part of his own kit. This would be a 3 day supply for him also

    Vehicle Bug-Out Kit
    • Basically a better stocked version of the Personal Bug-Out Kit. More food, better/more varied medical supplies, etc. This is for assuming the roads are still passable and usable. If nothing else, it would be a way to get partway to your bugout destination, and possible barter supplies. It could also be used as a Bug-In kit, in a situation that didn't warrant walking away from it all (local disaster, to get you through until help can arrive).

OK... didn't expect to make this long of a first post for the group, but as you can see, I HAVE been giving this a lot of thought. If there's interest, I can go into deeper detail and reasonings, and I welcome suggestions and discussion.
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New here

My husband and I were watching History Channel and discussing different "primitive skills" we've each picked up over the years. This led to the inevitable discussion of survivalism, and brought to light the fact it's something we have in common. We're actually planning our Bugout Bags right now, even.

I'm just amused that, at present, that he's the only person never to have thought my general paranoia to be completely absurd. Not only that, but he's actually with me on the idea of always being prepared. Woohoo, I have a winner! And someone who, if the metaphorical poo hit the fan, I wouldn't have to either coddle or play the Tough Love bit with.